Drones Take 
To The Sky

Building & Site Inspections in a Safe & Cost-Efficient Manner

Drone technology offers a wide range of benefits to our clients. Traditional inspections and construction oversights can be challenging, expensive, and risky. Pitches of roofs and designs of building envelopes can be difficult to navigate and access to certain spaces can be near impossible. Tall buildings and deteriorating roofs can cause safety hazards for workers. The use of multiple inspectors, rental lift equipment, and the time it takes to survey multiple buildings can prove to be very costly.

The utilization of drones allows Becht Engineering BT to provide our clients with high quality images and videos while reducing time and costs. Our drone camera can take 4K stabilized videos and 12 megapixel still photos. The GPS system on the drone allows us to go back to the exact location of a problem to check the location numerous times. Contact one of our professionals today at 1-800-772-7991 or information@bechtbt.com to assist with your inspection and construction needs.
  • Roofs
  • Siding/Facades
  • Balconies/Decks
  • Site Improvements
  • Inspections
  • Construction Oversight
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