Our engineers and designers specialize in evaluating new and existing electrical services in commercial, residential, governmental, educational, and industrial facilities for current and future electrical requirements. 
Protect Your Facilities' Investment

Becht Engineering can: 
  • Maximize the performance of your electrical systems.
  • Provide expertise in developing documentation of Power & Distribution Systems. 
We can help when: 
  • You need expert troubleshooting for recurring electrical facilities' problems that plague your system's efficient operation.
  • Trial and error approaches to recurring problems prove too costly. 
We can:
  • Provide immediate inspection services to determine the condition of your electrical system. 
  • Conduct an electrical survey and develop a One Line Diagram for your facility. 
  • Provide a professional report with recommended appropriate corrective measures and improvements.

Overview of Services

Basic Services:
  • Inspection and analysis
  • Preliminary design
  • Working drawings
  • Specifications
  • Bid review
  • Shop drawing review
  • Construction oversight
  • Exterior and interior lighting
  • Specialized dimming and controls
  • Power distribution
  • Motor controls
  • Life safety/fire alarms
  • Security
  • Emergency power back-up systems
  • Energy management
  • TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Suppression)
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Source)
  • Grounding
  • Site utilities
Testing Services:
  • Arrangement for and supervision of electrical testing, such as Load Analysis, Grounding, Thermal Infrared Scan, Generator Loan and Control Tests, Etc.
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