We specialize in evaluation of existing systems and design of new standby and emergency power generator systems
Protect Your Facilities' Investment

Becht Engineering can: 
  • Provide expertise in planning and designing a new generator system for your facility. 
  • Provide expertise in planning and designing upgrades or replacement of your existing generator system.  
  • Evaluate your existing generator system for present and future performance. 
We can help when: 
  • You require a new emergency or standby generator system installed to enhance the functionality of your existing facility. 
  • You have a new facility that requires a new generator system. 
  • You require analysis of your existing generator system to determine if it will support addition power needs. 
  • You require analysis of your existing electrical system and facility to determine the feasibility of a new generator installation. 
  • Your existing generator system is experiencing deteriorating operation. 
We can:
  • Survey your generator system for Code compliance, general condition, operating status, and power support capacity. 
  • Provide a professional report summarizing your generator system's Code compliance, general condition, operating status and power support capacity along with recommendations for correction, upgrade, or replacement. 
  • Provide design services for existing system correction, upgrade, replacement, or new system design. 

Overview of Services

Basic Services:
  • Determine potential issues and approach to correction
  • Inspection and analysis
  • Ascertainment of proper fuel system requirements
  • Advise possible solutions
  • Prepare performance specifications for existing system remediation
  • Design drawings
  • Specifications
  • Solicitation of bidders, bid review, and recommendations
  • Shop drawing review
  • Construction administration, oversight, and inspections
Generator Systems:
  • Site inspection
  • Existing system examination
  • New system feasibility
  • Load analysis
  • Load support study
  • Code compliance
  • Distribution system and load transfer evaluation
  • Equipment location examination
  • Fuel source evaluation
  • Product selection
  • System design
  • Bid phase support
  • Construction administration
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