Our engineers can improve the design, serviceability, and maintenance of HVAC systems. We provide complete analysis for commercial, residential, government, industrial, and educational facilities. 
Protect Your Facilities' Investment

Becht Engineering can: 
  • Maximize the longevity of your HVAC systems.
  • Provide expertise in managing your HVAC system as an asset and major investment for your facility. 
We can help when: 
  • You need expert troubleshooting.
  • Trial and error approaches to recurring problems prove too costly. 
  • You are experiencing indoor air quality problems, temperature control problems, or frequent equipment breakdowns. 
We can:
  • Provide immediate inspection services to determine the condition of your HVAC system. 
  • Provide testing services as required for equipment and distribution systems.
  • Provide a professional report describing your problems and our proposed solution(s). 
  • Assist you in determining a suitable course of action. 

Overview of Services

HVAC Diagnostics:
  • Identify locations and sources of problem(s)
  • Determination of material, design, installation, or system failures
  • Evaluation of available options for corrective procedures.
  • Budget estimating
HVAC Systems Maintenance Programs:
  • A regular HVAC maintenance inspection program will optimize the performance of the mechanical systems
  • Correction of mechanical systems problems as an owner's investment
  • Add  years to the life of the HVAC systems
  • Life cycle analysis for the projected estimated remaining life of the HVAC systems
  • Capital planning
HVAC Systems Replacements:
  • Replacement vs. partial upgrading
  • Preparation of energy efficient designs for the proper replacement of your mechanical systems
  • Code compliance
  • Appropriate material and system selection
  • Bid procurement from qualified contractors
  • Monitoring construction for compliance with specifications
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