Understanding the conditions of a particular building and what is proper in a given situation is a hallmark of our roof consulting services. Providing a cost effective, long term solution to a roofing problem requires this knowledge of alternative methods and where their advantages and limitations lie.  
Protect Your Facilities' Investment

Becht Engineering can: 
  • Maximize the performance and life of your roof system.
  • Provide expertise in managing your roof system as a major investment. 
We can help when: 
  • You need expert troubleshooting.
  • Trial and error approaches to recurring problems prove too costly. 
  • The integrity of the roof system is in doubt. 
We can:
  • Provide immediate inspection services to determine the condition of your roof. 
  • Prepare a roof survey and necessary flashing details in CAD. 
  • Have the appropriate moisture and laboratory testing performed. 
  • Assist you in determining a suitable course of action. 
  • Manage the implementation of our designs. 
Types of Roof Systems
  • Shingled - asphalt, wood, slate
  • Built-up
  • EPDM
  • Liquid applied
  • SBS/APP modified
  • Thermoplastic and PVC
  • Green roofing
  • Plazas
  • Metal

Overview of Services

Roof Diagnostics:
  • Isolate locations and sources of water infiltration
  • Determination of material, design, or system failures
  • Evaluation of available options for corrective procedures
Roof Replacement:
  • Preparation of energy efficient designs for the proper replacement of your roof
  • Critical flashing details
  • Appropriate material and system selection
  • Bid procurement from qualified contractors
  • Monitoring construction work for compliance with specifications
Roof Asset Management:
  • Regular maintenance inspections will optimize the performance of the roof
  • Add years to the life of the roof
  • Life-cycle analysis for the projected estimated remaining life of the roof
  • Protection of the roof as a long-term investment
  • Capital planning
  • Replacement vs. recover analysis
Testing Services: 
  • Infrared scans
  • Extraction of roof cores for analysis
  • Asbestos testing
  • Capacitance moisture testig
  • Water and flood testing

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