Siding Replacement

Our team of engineers investigate exterior siding systems of all types for specific analysis of defects, installation techniques, and replacement or repair alternatives. 
Types of Exterior Siding
  • Vinyl
  • Cedar
  • Fiber cement
  • Metal
  • Hardboard
Overview of Services

Exterior siding: 
  • Inspections, troubleshooting, and life cycle analysis studies
  • Replacement materials options recommendations
  • Designs, specifications, and construction oversight
EIFS and stucco: 
  • Failure investigations
  • Repairs analysis
  • Moisture surveys

Facades and veneers:
  • Maintenance inspections
  • Invasive examinations
  • Improvements and repairs specifications
Roofing and siding:
  • Examination of critical details between roofing and exterior siding
Related services:
  • Exterior trim replacement specifications
  • Painting specifications
  • Bay window trim replacement specifications
  • Thermal imaging testing for heat loss
  • Payback analysis and building envelope energy audits
  • Renderings
  • Gutter sizing and stormwater drainage

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