Forensic Engineering


Our experts provide legal support and accident reconstruction services for clients in technically demanding cases. The issues customarily involve our engineering expertise in the disciplines in which we practice, as typified by those listed below: 
  • Structural issues related to buildings, retaining wall, and site structures. 
  • Building and construction issues related to Building Code deficiencies and deficient construction. 
  • Building issues related to the performance of mechanical systems, as well as sanitary and piping systems. 
  • Building issues related to electrical and fire protection systems. 
  • Façade failures and water intrusion. 
  • Mold related and causative conditions. 
  • Insurance claim investigations. 
  • Industrial issues related to processes utilizing painting and finishing systems, and mechanized and automated handling systems. 
  • Utility issues regarding piping, valving, and equipment in failure modes. 
  • Vehicular accident reconstruction.
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